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The Flash Season 5 Will Introduce A Younger Version Of The Rogues

The Flash has had a funny relationship with the Rogues over its first four seasons. The group of supervillains that plague the Scarlet Speedster’s life in the comics have occasionally teamed up on the show but usually they appear separately as villains-of-the-week. In season 5, though, we could see the next generation of Central City’s worst criminals.

During The Flash panel at San Diego Comic-Con, showrunner Todd Helbing promised that a new group of Rogues was coming. “We will be doing a younger version of The Rogues,” he said, before explaining that this is part of the big theme this year of legacy and what we leave behind us, and it turns out this also applies to the villains of the show.

Of course, two of the most beloved members of the original Rogues include Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold and Mark Hamill’s Trickster. While we’d love to see more of them,

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