Yes, You Recognize That Sharp Objects Actor From Your Childhood

Image Source: Getty / Michael Loccisano

Although it's dark and gruesome, it's hard to not become obsessed with HBO's adaptation of Gillian Flynn's mystery thriller Sharp Objects. It flaunts dreamy visual language, chilling nonlinear storytelling, and, of course, an incredibly talented cast. Besides the obvious headliners like Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson, you'll even recognize the talented forces behind minor characters, like Adora's chatty friend Annie.

In the fourth episode of the HBO series, Camille meets up with her mother's friends, who engage in wine-fueled gossip about Wind Gap's recent deaths. In the circle of women, pearl-donning Annie is especially enthusiastic about making speculations, demanding that Camille spill tea about the case. In the conversation, we learn that her love for gossip is as strong as her razor-sharp zingers. There's a moment when Jackie accuses Bob Nash of the murder since she's caught him staring at her chest. Annie,

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