Review: ‘What Still Remains’ Puts a Fresh Spin on the Apocalyptic Thriller

There are two kinds of people still watching The Walking Dead: those who love the gore quotient and believe zombies are the true enemy of the people and those who understand that the undead are merely a catalyst to expose the evil that has always lived within. I’m of the latter group because the drama is always more real when it builds between two very different people trying to survive via diametrically opposed ways than when it’s just the living bashing the skulls of unfeeling hollow shells. So it intrigued me when hearing zombie film What Still Remains called an apocalyptic thriller. The two descriptions are hardly mutually exclusive, but they do both sell vastly different content. Writer/director Josh Mendoza’s world isn’t being consumed. It already has been.

By fast-forwarding through the initial carnage and fallout of what civilization’s destruction wrought, Mendoza is

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