Hugh Gibson Introduces His Film "The Stairs"

Hugh Gibson's The Stairs (2016) is exclusively showing August 9 – September 8, 2018 on Mubi in most countries in the world as part of the series Canada's Next Generation.One day in summer 2012, I was meeting at a Toronto health agency with around twenty clients and staff, many of who later appeared in The Stairs. We’d come to know each other during the prior year, and we discussed my unfolding documentary: who wanted to participate, what it might look like, what should be covered. Suddenly, someone interrupted: “Yeah, yeah, yeah… I wanna know, what will the movie’s ending be? How do you know if there’ll a happy ending?” I began to stammer… I didn’t have any answer. Then a client interjected, “That depends on us, doesn’t it?” That client’s name was Lisa. I’d intended for her to be a lead character, but soon after that meeting,

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