15 Reasons to Watch Yappie on YouTube!

Wong Fu Productions -- an independent film production company founded by Philip Wang, Wesley Chan, and Ted Fu -- has made a name for itself in the media community.

Creating content that caters to younger audiences, Wong Fu has found a niche making content that depicts relatable stories and often highlights the voices of Asian Americans and other underrepresented communities.

Wong Fu may be best known for its digital shorts, YouTube Red series Single by 30, and other content.

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Its newest project, Yappie, follows a young Asian man as he navigates his work, social, personal, and romantic life after he's called a "yappie" for the first time--or a young Asian professional who acts like a yuppie.

Wong Fu has always dedicated itself to making work that its contributors are passionate about, and Yappie is no exception. The Yappie

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