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Exclusive Interview: Paul Kyriazi on Forbidden Power

david j. moore chats with filmmaker Paul Kyriazi on Forbidden Power…

In the heyday of the grindhouse era, it was quite common for filmmakers to use action, sex, and thrills to spice up their genre jambalayas, and filmmaker Paul Kyriazi came up during that period, with cult classics like Death Machines (1976), The Weapons of Death (1981), Ninja Busters (1984), and Omega Cop (1990) to his credit. After a long hiatus (nearly 30 years!), Kyriazi is back with the sexy science fiction film noir hybrid Forbidden Power, which hinges on the story hook “What if a man contracts sexually transmitted superpowers?” The plot has the hero running away from danger straight into more danger, and making a stunning discovery that his newly developed powers are part of a grand design to take over the world. In this candid interview, Kyriazi discusses his inspirations for this outlandish genre adventure, while also discussing the themes of the film at length.

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