Primary Wave Entertainment Focuses On Music Management & Content Amid Talent Managers Exodus

Less than four years after Primary Wave, known at the time mostly for its music business, made a big push in talent management with the back-to-back acquisitions of Mark Burg’s Evolution Management and David Guillod’s Intellectual Artists Management, the company is scaling back on Hollywood representation to focus on its core music management business as well as film and TV development and production via Cathy Schulman’s Welle Entertainment.

Of the three principals of the merged Primary Wave Entertainment talent management division, Primary Wave co-CEOs Larry Mestel, Guillod and Burg, only Mestel is still there, running the company as CEO. Guillod resigned in November in the wake of sexual assault allegations. I hear Burg, who had managed Charlie Sheen for 20 years, left soon after to return to producing. A large number of the remaining Pwe managers have left in the past seven months or are in the process of leaving.

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