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Alpha- Review

With the Summer winding down, and Labor Day well in sight, are moviegoers nostalgic for an adventure set it the “good ole’ days”? Hmmm, not sure if they were all that “good”, but the emphasis is on the “ole”, er “old” in the week’s new release. We’re going way, waaay back with this epic, around 20,000 years to be exact to the “cave man” tribal days, when humans were both hunters and the hunted. It’s not fun in fur skin time as in the comic strip “B.C.” or The Flintstones, nor is it the fantasy of early man evading dinosaurs as in the One Million Years B.C. films or the comedy Caveman (loved the stoned “stop -motion” T-Rex in that). . No, it’s a bit closer to the 1980’s double bill of Quest For Fire and Clan Of The Cave Bear, though more “family friendly” but

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