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Mishal Husain: ‘With a name like mine, my career would only have been possible in Britain’

The presenter has written a book on how to get ahead at work, but is BBC Radio 4’s Today programme her toughest gig?

Read an exclusive extract from The Skills below

Mishal Husain has written a book, The Skills. It’s not a how-to-be-me, since it understands implicitly how unusual her career is, plus there aren’t a lot of openings presenting the Today programme. Rather, it works as a manual-cum-memoir, with macro elements quoting many psychosocial sources about work and how to thrive in it, as a woman, mainly, but also as a person. In a different context, it would have landed as a kind of bluestocking version of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In: practical, intricately researched, honest, self-questioning but outward-looking. Recent history has given it more of an edge. It’s enlightening and rather challenging, like going through a stranger’s cutlery drawer and realising how tidy

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