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Santiago Horror Film Festival to Celebrate 20 Years of Genre Films in Chile This October

A horror and fantasy film festival that brings together both Chilean and international filmmakers, the first-ever Santiago Horror Film Festival will take place in Santiago, Chile starting on October 4th:

"We already know that Chilean films can have international success. But what about the fantasy and horror films made in Chile? This is what the Santiago Horror Film Festival (Shff) seeks to answer, an event that brings together, for the first time, national and foreign directors to show their work and discuss this film genre.

To be held in Santiago, Chile, from 4th to 6th October 2018, Santiago Horror will offer a varied agenda of activities. One of the milestones will be the forum "Women in Genre Films", which will feature the participation of actresses Carolina Arredondo and Blanca Lewin, film director Andrea Ozuljevich and writer Francisca Solar. The space will be moderated by journalist and film critic Daniel Olave.

In addition,

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