Can Netflix save us from the Great Romcom Shortage of 2018? I watched 11 films to find out

As Hollywood has retreated from the romcom genre, Netflix has flooded the market with its ‘summer of love’ offerings. They seem to be attracting big audiences – but are they any good?

The death knell of the Hollywood romcom has sounded repeatedly over the past few years, as contrived meet-cutes, airport-based declarations of love and Kate Hudson have become conspicuously absent from cinema screens. Its decline has been pinned on various culprits: the disappearance of the mid-budget movie, young actors’ reluctance to star in them and the glut of below-par abominations at the turn of this decade. But whatever the reasons, it is clear that the studio romcom’s heyday is over.

It doesn’t mean people stopped craving warm, fuzzy, slightly dotty depictions of romance. As Hollywood disassembled its romantic machinery, Netflix was keenly observing the viewing habits of its subscribers, and noticed that 80 million of its users had watched

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