‘The Wedding’ Trailer: The Egyptian Queer Film Getting Secret Screenings in the Middle East

Following the launch of his production company ArabQ, the first ever Arab-based production company focused on movies with Lgbtq themes, Egyptian-American filmmaker Sam Abbas will soon release his first feature film. Based in Alexandria, Egypt, ArabQ aims to develop projects speaking to the Middle Eastern experience while also supporting Lgbtq stories and creatives.

The Wedding” tells the story of Rami (Abbas), a closeted Muslim man hiding his sexuality while preparing for his upcoming wedding to Sara (Nikohl Boosheri), as he struggles to square his desires with his strict religious upbringing. Abbas explored similar territory in his 2016 short film, “Time to Come,” which received enough praise to convince him the subject was worth further exploration.

“The film to me, more than anything, is about repression and alienation. Cultural and religious upbringings impact day to day lives regardless of a person’s self-decided point of views,” Abbas told IndieWire. “People don’t

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