Malayalam director Kk Haridas, known for his comedies, passes away

ObituaryHe had directed more than 15 films, setting in a certain trend of blending humour with romance.Tnm StaffFilmmaker Kk Haridas, known for making comedies, passed away at a hospital in Kochi on Sunday. He had directed more than 15 films, most of them coming out in the latter half of the nineties. Haridas, had, for years, worked as an assistant and later an associate, before turning a director with the 1994 film Vadu Doctoranu (The bride is a doctor). That was also the comeback film of actor Nadhiya Moidu, after a small gap. The movie has Jayaram in the lead, playing a husband who is terribly disappointed at his wife being a veterinary doctor, and not the physician he thought her to be. Comedies featuring younger actors such as Vijayakumar and Dileep followed – films like Kokkarakko, which is about a few young men stealing chicken, and Kakkakum Poochakkum Kalyanam in which Dileep

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