Movie Review – Kin (2018)

Kin, 2018.

Directed by Jonathan Baker and Josh Baker.

Starring Myles Truitt, Jack Reynor, James Franco. Zoë Kravitz, Carrie Coon, Dennis Quaid, Gavin Fox, Lily Gao, Carleigh Beverly, Romano Orzari, Ian Matthews, Khalid Klein, and Michael B. Jordan.


Chased by a vengeful criminal, the feds and a gang of otherworldly soldiers, a recently released ex-con and his adopted teenage brother are forced to go on the run with a weapon of mysterious origin as their only protection.

Of all the things wrong with Kin, it’s probably best to begin with the reason brothers Eli (newcomer Myles Truitt) and Jimmy (Jack Reynor) are on the run from apparently dangerous criminals and law enforcement.. Without explaining the set up in detail, much of the story hinges on the audience buying into James Franco’s Taylor and his ragtag group of thugs as some of the most deplorable criminals to ever exist,

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