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Movie Review – Dead Envy (2018)

Dead Envy, 2018.

Directed by Harley Di Nardo

Starring Harley Di Nardo, Adam Reeser, Samantha Smart, Carla Wynn and Joey Medina.


David Tangiers (Harley Di Nardo) is an icon of a bygone era. Lauded as a musical maestro and chart topping Billboard wunderkind he is now on the comeback trail. A comeback which has been twenty years in the making and forced Tangiers back into the hair styling business. Only a chance encounter with the mysterious Javy Bates (Adam Reeser) compels David back into action, as this fresh face brings an edge to the salon and puts music back on his agenda.

It would be unfair to judge Dead Envy in conventional terms as director, writer and leading man Harley Di Nardo worked within the confines of a shoestring budget. This passion project which clocks in at just over an hour and change suffers under the strain of those limitations from the outset.

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