Exclusive Interview: ‘Videoman’ Director Kristian A. Söderström Shares All

Directed by Kristian A. Söderström, Videoman is a Swedish film that follows the life of a lonely VHS fanatic. Obsessed with the now defunct format, Ennio (Stefan Sauk) is a dinosaur living in the modern world. He then meets Simone (Lena Nilsson), a woman with an eighties fixation, and the pair begins an unconventional courtship.

Videoman screened at this year’s Arrow Video Frightfest, and its director was on site to present his first feature to the masses. We managed to sit down with Kristian to talk through the project. We reminisce about the days of the video store, favourite horror films, and the challenges of moving from short film to feature-length movie.

Kristian A. Söderström interview for Videoman

Videoman features a protagonist with an unhealthy fixation on VHS tape, given you made the film, would it be right to assume that you yourself are a VHS lover?

Yeah, absolutely.

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