British Broadcasters Plot Low-Budget Drama Drive As Battle With Global SVODs Rumbles On

British broadcasters are going back to drama basics as they line up a swathe of lower budget scripted series to counter the multi-billion spend of the global SVODs.

Broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 are preparing for a drama future where the likes of Netflix, which spends around $6.5M per episode of The Crown, for instance, and Amazon, which is expected to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on its adaptation of Lord of the Rings, are looking to take all global rights to projects.

Over the last few years, British networks have taken advantage of digital co-pro funds with shows such as C4 and Amazon’s Electric Dreams and BBC and Netflix’s Troy costing millions. But, these funds are soon expected to dry up, with the likes of Sister Pictures founder Jane Featherstone saying “the honeymoon is over”, leading domestic broadcasters to find new

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