Australian Filmmaker James Ricketson Jailed In Cambodia, Sparking Outrage

Australian documentary filmmaker James Ricketson was convicted today of espionage for an unnamed country by the Cambodian government and sentenced to six years in that country’s prison system.

Ricketson was arrested in June 2017 and charged with endangering national security by flying a drone over an opposition party rally. The charges mushroomed from there.

The soon-to-be 69-year-old filmmaker’s incarceration has sparked international outrage by his fellow filmmakers, most prominently director Phillip Noyce, with many fearing he won’t survive the rigors of Cambodian prison.

“The guilty verdict against James Ricketson is a massive miscarriage of justice,” Noyce posted on Facebook. “I call on filmmakers the world over to join me in offering ourselves to Cambodian authorities as equally guilty of all the crimes James is accused of. We must journey to Cambodia and present our selves on mass as ready to join him in Cambodian prison.

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