Breaking the old ways: Tamil cinema's Vetri Maaran and Pa Ranjith

KollywoodThe two directors have only a handful of films to their credit but they have created a space for themselves in the industry.CV AravindThere is hardly any dearth in numbers as far as the release of Tamil films is concerned, only a handful of films have impacted the box office while the others have returned to the cans in record time. But, the silver lining is that the industry now boasts of a number of young filmmakers who can be counted on to hold the banner of Tamil cinema aloft in the coming days. Themes considered taboo are being tackled with gusto, and audiences which were lulled into a soporific slumber by the monotonous fare now have something to cheer for. Two directors who have already made a name for themselves though they have helmed only a handful of films are Vetri Maaran and Pa Ranjith. To the former,

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