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Marie Osmond Set To Perform With The Four Original Osmond Brothers For Her 59th Birthday

If you think Marie Osmond looks like she doesn’t age, well, maybe it's true! "I'm planning my last 29th birthday... in paradise," the veteran entertainer joked recently on Instagram. Marie, who actually turns 59 on Oct. 13, will celebrate with a concert spectacular in Honolulu, and she's "thrilled" that her wish is coming true. "I've spent the last 10 years celebrating my birthdays with Donny," she says of her brother on Instagram, with whom she's usually performing for their Las Vegas residency. "This year, I want to work with, and pay tribute to, the original four Osmond Brothers who started it all," she explains. "Without them, there never would have been any of the rest of us performing Osmonds!" Marie and her brother Donny. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) Alan, 69, Wayne, 67, Merrill, 65, and Jay Osmond, 63, began singing as a barbershop quartet and performed regularly on The Andy Williams Show in the 1960s. Their success led to Donny,

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