Tiff Review: ‘Blind Spot’ is a Technically Proficient, Manipulative One-Shot Drama

The boldness of Tuva Novotny to choose to make her directorial debut a one-shot film of harrowing emotion cannot be understated. Her Blind Spot takes us through the wringer as tragedy befalls a small, (seemingly) happy family without warning. These characters are distraught, confused, and falling to pieces as ambulances race and patience is tested before discovering new insights that may only provide more questions. And Novotny fearlessly traverses each new dramatic impulse, moving the camera from one to the other so we can be a fly on the wall for every revelation regardless of who onscreen is first to experience it. Love is on display in all its mysterious abstraction and unwavering power. But sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes it clouds our vision from seeing devastating darkness.

Like love, this stylistic choice isn’t always enough either. For every unparalleled visual and sensory splendor a single-take experience conjures—we’re in the action,

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