Tiff Review: ‘The Dig’ is a Story of Redemption as Angry as it is Heartfelt

After fifteen years in jail for murder, Ronan Callahan (Moe Dunford) returns home to find his victim’s father caught in a loop. Every day spent behind bars was a day Sean McKenna (Lorcan Cranitch) languished in the bog behind the Callahans’ property, digging holes along a carefully marked grid in search of his daughter’s body. He promised he wouldn’t stop until she was at rest and so he shoveled mud while his wife lay dying of cancer and still shovels mud now that his other daughter Roberta (Emily Taaffe) quit her job to make certain he didn’t die of thirst or starvation. We can therefore assume the “warm” welcome Ronan will receive upon working up the nerve to demand Sean leave. And we can guess what comes next.

The result is The Dig‘s story of redemption and forgiveness that’s as angry as it is heartfelt,

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