10 Fright Night Facts Your Never Knew

10 Fright Night Facts Your Never Knew

Horror fan Charley Brewster is convinced his new next-door neighbor is a vampire. Charley of course is correct. The fiend even has designs on Charley's girlfriend. In a decade already stuffed with great movies, Fright Night combined so many of our favorite things: chills, thrills, laughs, a late night TV horror host, vampires next door, Marcy Darcy from Married with Children and the dashing style of Chris Sarandon. Here we'll take a look at 10 things you never knew about Fright Night.

You're too handsome, Brewster!

William Ragsdale, who had no major roles under his belt, had auditioned for Mask, losing out to Eric Stoltz, before securing the lead role in Fright Night. Writer-director Tom Holland had met with a number of actors for the crucial part of Charley Brewster, including a guy named Charlie Sheen. In the excellent 2016 documentary You're So Cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night, Holland recounted

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