Tiff Review: ‘Kingsway’ Effectively Shows How Sarcasm Can Heal Wounds

Love and suicide. Those are the words director Bruce Sweeney says inspired him to write Kingsway and are very much at the forefront of his dramedy about the dysfunctional Horvat family. And both are treated with humor despite never in a way that belittles their respective import. It’s not about laughing at suicide or those distraught and lost enough to contemplate the act. We smile instead because of our ability to see ourselves in the subject’s heaviness and a tumultuous aftermath that can lead towards a kneejerk self-centered desire to make it personal. That’s what love does. It’s a two-way street wherein we’re just as likely to do everything we can for someone who’s hurting as blame him/her for hurting us as though their troubles aren’t pain enough.

The family member to worry about is Matt (Jeff Gladstone), a semiotics professor riddled with anxiety.

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