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Trailer For The Uwe Boll Documentary F**K You All: The Uwe Boll Story

Director Uwe Boll has made a lot of terrible films in his career. I lot of people despise him, but he also has a loyal fan base that loves him. He’s definitely one of the wildest outspoken filmmakers out there that likes to say a lot of crazy things and he’s known for having meltdowns. He has no filter when he talks and some people admire that about him.

Boll is credited with directing 32 projects, produced over 50, has written 19 films. Some of these films include BloodRayne, Rampage: President Down, In the Name of the King: The Last Job, Suddenly, Assault on Wall Street, Blubberella, Far Cry, German Fried Movie, Attack on Darfur, Postal, The House of the Dead, and Alone in the Dark.

He’s certainly an interesting and controversial individual and now there’s a documentary that’s been made that will tell his story. The documentary

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