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Halkaa Music Review

All little boys grow up dreaming of being heroes. Some want to be celebrities; actors with their 15 minutes of fame, others dream of the sporting dream, scoring the winning runs in a hopeless cause or scoring the goal no one expected would happen. Shri Nadar Foundation brings the tale of a new type of hero, one who dreams of cleanliness where its often not found in Halkaa.

Starring a cast of kids, this offbeat film requires an offbeat album. Shankar Ehsaan and Loy are well known for exactly these sorts of albums so its no surprise to find them here.

Halkaa ho ja re is our opening number. Officially sung by Divya Kumar, Ankita Kundu and Diljot Qawwali Group but it’s the kids singing that steal this title song. “Nango ki basti mein tujhe chaddi Mubarak” is the catchy lyric that becomes a motif and keeps the listener hooked into the song.

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