Documentary F*ck You All: The Uwe Boll Story gets a trailer

Prairie Coast Films has announced that it is set to explore the rise and fall of notorious cult filmmaker Uwe Boll – the man behind cinematic travesties such as House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale and Bloodrayne – with the new documentary Fuck You All: The Uwe Boll Story.

The documentary includes interviews with the man himself, who announced his retirement from filmmaking back in 2016, as well as comments from his colleagues and critics as it explores how Boll earned a reputation as “the most hated man in Hollywood”. Check out the trailer here, followed by the lengthy official synopsis below…

The question at the center of Uwe Boll’s story has existed since early on in his career: Is Uwe the worst filmmaker of all time? Fuck You All: The Uwe Boll Story is a documentary that explores the

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