‘The Dawnseeker’ VOD Review

Stars: Franziska Schissler, Alexander Kane, Jason Skeen, Khu, Alex Giuffreda, Leonard Jackson | Written and Directed by Justin Price

2245, the Earth’s sun has dwindled and no longer provides the energy needed to sustain human life. Five hired mercenaries travel to an uncharted planet to collect a rare mineral known as stardust to replenish the dying star. After their spaceship crashes on the alien planet, they are stalked and hunted by a creature far more advanced than anything they have ever encountered before.

Opening with a scene that is a blatant rip-off of The Terminator, complete with robots walking over a skull-filled landscape and then cutting to a scene with an Ed-209 wannabe, is probably not the best way to introduce your movie – reminding your audience of bigger-budgeted and more well-made films is not the best, or brightest, way to kick of Any low-budget movie; let alone one that is clearly

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