Here's Why You Know Andre, American Horror Story: Apocalypse's Most Rational Character

Image Source: Getty / Noel Vasquez

While the new American Horror Story season is the Murder House/Coven crossover, the first episode is focused predominantly on all of the new Apocalypse characters. There are plenty of familiar faces - did you really expect that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters wouldn't be back on day one? - but just one familiar character so far. That's Michael Langdon, Tate Langdon's evil son, who showed up as a toddler in the Murder House finale. The grown-up Michael appears in the fallout shelter at the end of the episode, and it looks like he'll be shaking things up for the earth's few remaining survivors.

One of those survivors is Andre, played by Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman. If his face looks familiar to you, he's had a number of pre-ahs roles, playing characters in decidedly better circumstances. Most recently and notably, Bowyer-Chapman played producer Jay Carter on the dating show spoof UnREAL.

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