10 Characters Way Stronger Than Wolverine (And 10 So Much Weaker)

How do you beat a man who can instantly heal himself? How could anyone possibly get the upper hand on someone with such immense power? These are questions that many writers have had to tackle when dealing with the X-Men character Wolverine.

After all, he's one of Marvel's most indestructible characters. Not only does his accelerated healing powers make him formidable, but his adamantium skeleton and claws offer further protection.

These qualities make Wolverine, Aka Logan, a challenging character to write. Audiences need to relate to him and fear for his health whenever he comes across a foe. In James Mangold's film The Wolverine, he had Viper put a life-sucking bug inside of Logan that slowed down his healing. Then in his brilliant follow-up film, Logan, he managed to eliminate Logan's powers due to being slowly poisoned by the adamantium skeleton inside of him.

Mangold found these two

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