‘Bunker: Project 12′ Review

Stars: James Cosmo, Joaquín Sánchez, Natasha Alam, Eric Roberts, Timothy Gibbs, Tony Corvillo, James Conner Ferguson, José Luis de Madariaga | Written by Joaquín Sánchez, Jaime Falero | Directed by Jaime Falero

Released way back in 2016 here in the UK, Bunker: Project 12 was, at the time, billed as “Outpost meets The Terminator” which is actually rather apt… Bizarre scientific experiments taking place during times of war, ala Outpost and its Nazi zombies; and cyborg killing machines ala The Terminator. Because Bunker: Project 12 touches on both of those.

You see the back story goes that the Russians were working on a secret project to win the Cold War, an army of cyborg super-soldiers – the titular Project 12 – however realising the dangers of unleashing their creation on the world they scrap the dangerous scientific project and bury it forever in the “bunker” of the title. But… Cut to present day and greedy-ass businessman

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