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Scream Factory Blu-ray Reviews: The Tingler, Strait-jacket, Someone’S Watching Me!

The people at Scream Factory have made their name releasing special edition Blu-rays of horror movies primarily from the ’80s and ’90s, the decades that fans of my generation first fell in the love with the genre, and, as a result, produced the movies we hold most dear. But Scream Factory has also branched out in their later years, releasing not only contemporary films (through their partnership with IFC Midnight), but classics as well. Three classic catalogue titles recently made their Blu-ray debuts as part of the this trend: one lesser-known effort from John Carpenter and two from the great William Castle.

One of my favorite of all of Castle’s productions is The Tingler from 1959, starring Vincent Price as a scientist who discovers a creature that attaches itself to the human spine and feeds on fear. Every human has one of these “tinglers,” the movie suggests, but by screaming and releasing our fear,

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