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Criterion in December 2018: A Dry White Season, Forty Guns, Panique, Sawdust And Tinsel

Thinking of gifting a home video fan a fresh new Criterion Collection release in December? Here are your options. The first black woman to direct a Hollywood studio film, Euzhan Palcy made history with the blistering drama A Dry White Season (1989). White schoolteacher Donald Sutherland sees his gardener (Winston Ntshona) suffer "a wave of brutal repression" and finally takes notice of what's been going on in his country for many years. On a less serious note, Sam Fuller's Forty Guns (1957) stars Barbara Stanwyck in "the pulp maestro's most audacious Western," which is really saying something, if you know the work of Sam Fuller. Barry Sullivan also stars. "Based on a novel by Georges Simenon" always sounds...

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