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Epic VHS Celebration Event VHStival Announced by Drafthouse

Adjust your tracking and rewind your mind for the most radical weekend of your life. Acclaimed cinema eatery Alamo Drafthouse, the American Genre Film Archive and video-worship entity Lunchmeat VHS are proud to announce the very first VHStival, presented at Alamo Drafthouse Raleigh and Video Vortex Raleigh on Saturday and Sunday, October 20 and 21. Two fun-filled and nostalgia-soaked days and nights, VHStival celebrates the glory of the enduring and iconic video format with screenings, special appearances, and analog-driven events. Says Josh Schafer, VHStival creator and Lunchmeat VHS editor-in-chief.

"I am absolutely VHStoked to help bring this rewind-inclined bash to life, man! It's all set to be an unbridled explosion of appreciation and celebration in the name of the most radical, ridiculous, and influential home video format of all time. We want to really immerse the crowd in the incredible spectrum of culture that VHS has to offer. We're planning on running

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