Film Review: Confessions (2010) by Tetsuya Nakashima

In the very first episode of the first season of BBC’s acclaimed police procedural ‘Luther’, the psychotic evil genius Alice Morgan, who is also the series’s most interesting character, refers to a black hole when she appears to share a little information about herself to her nemesis/object of obsession, the titular main character. “It consumes matter, sucks it in, and crushes it beyond existence. When I first heard that, I thought that’s evil in its most pure.” She explains with a sly grin and fascinated look, “Something that drags you in, crushes you, makes you nothing.”

I opted to quote Alice Morgan because that’s what the principal characters in the most cynical film ever made by the talented Tetsuya Nakashima are to each other: black holes. They drag each other into their own darkness, crush one another, and make all involved into nothing.

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