The Purge Episode 4 Review: Release The Beast

Ron Hogan Sep 26, 2018

The Purge handles sexual violence in a surprisingly smart manner.

This The Purge review contains spoilers.

The Purge Episode 4

One of the smartest things that The Purge has done is avoid the specter of sexual violence on Purge night. It's people out for blood, not people out to rape or maim. The Purge isn't necessarily a classy film series, but that's a nice touch to keep it out of the muck of exploitation movies and into something a little more palatable for modern sensibilities. Rape as a movie trope was much more prevalent, and acceptable, in the grimy grindhouses of the '70s, not the clean multiplexes of the 2010s.

The Purge television show, four episodes in, decides to not ignore that. Instead, they lean into it, creating an all-female defense squad who rides around in an Rv on Purge night to protect women from would-be rapists and murderers.

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