Doomsday Clock Unlocks Justice Society Mystery

Mike Cecchini Sep 26, 2018

Doomsday Clock is finally revealing, piece by piece, why the Justice Society has been absent from the DC Universe.

This article contains Doomsday Clock spoilers.

A key mystery of the DC Universe since Rebirth breathed new life into the entire publishing line in 2016 has been the fate of the Justice Society. The world’s first superhero team were unceremoniously removed from DC continuity in the wake of the events of Flashpoint. Jsa and most related characters, the Alan Scott Green Lantern, the Jay Garrick Flash, and others, were instead shunted off to a new, modern Earth-2 (and series), which was cool enough, but bore little resemblance to their 1940s mystery men roots.

The absence of the Jsa in the New 52 timeline was never explained. Instead, it was generally accepted that the age of superheroes began about 5 years before the events of 2011’s Justice League #1. That compressed timeline

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