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Sylvester Stallone or Ajaz Khan? Check out this chiseled body and find it out!

Is this Rocky? Or is that Rambo?

Well, over the decades, Sylvester Stallone has stayed on to be a perfect idol for many a men who have believed in a steady fitness regime. It is not just to look great for the outside world; it is also to stay healthy, and inherently healthy. This is what actor Ajaz Khan believes in as well, something that can well be evidenced from his washboard abs, sculpted arms and toned legs.

Comments an observer, “Just look at the kind of body transformation that he has gone through. The physique that he is demonstrating is something to-die-for! When it’s not just the girls who go gaga over such a muscular form but even men who yearn for a body like that, you know that the man has gone into a different zone altogether.”

For someone who has oozes star quotient and comes with

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