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Daily Dead Salutes Your Shorts: Satan’S Bite, To My Mother And Father, Conventional, and Let Her Go

Hey everyone! With this writer heading out to Austin for Fantastic Fest 2018 recently, the second installment of our Salute Your Shorts column for September is running a week behind, so my apologies there. But now that I’m back in the swing of things, we’ve got a brand new batch of genre-related short films that you should definitely check out, including Satan’s Bite from Dean Puckett, Let Her Go by director Arie Socorro, Karen Gillan’s Conventional (which she also stars in), and Can Evrenol’s To My Mother and Father, which inspired his latest feature Housewife, which comes out next week.

Satan’s Bite (Directed by Dean Puckett)

Synopsis: Dean Puckett’s devilish Straight 8 short Satan’s Bite sees an accused witch turn the tables on her capturers.

To My Mother and Father (Directed by Can Evrenol)

Synopsis: When Jimmy is left alone in his house he

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