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13 Shows That Handled Sensitive Topics Gracefully

Television has a rich history of not only entertaining viewers but also helping them feel less alone.

Since the 1970s, television shows have addressed sensitive and controversial topics like death, abortion, and prejudice.

When it's done right, viewers feel even more connected to their favorite characters and can't get enough, even when the events on screen or tragic.

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They might even laugh at a well-timed joke on a comedy about a serious situation!

What's your favorite show that takes on serious issues without being a downer?

Check out our picks and then share yours in the comments! 

1. Maude Before Dorothy Zbornak, Bea Arthur was Maude Findlay, Edith Bunker's cousin and Archie's nemesis, who faced her own share of controversy on her own show. Most memorably, Maude decided to have an abortion at age

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