Terror Films brings Four Horror Films to Amazon Prime in October as Part of Freaky Fridays

Terror Films continues to roll out the horror titles, this October. Most recently, they have partnered with Amazon, for Freaky Fridays. Every Friday in October, Terror Films will bring a new, indie horror title to this platform. The first film will be Chad Ferrin's The Chair - on October 5th. Starring Bill Oberst Jr. and the now deceased Roddy "Rowdy" Piper, this title follows Richard Sullivan (Timothy Muskatell), a man on death row. In prison, Sullivan must face a sadistic warden. This release will be followed by three others: the bizarre slasher Furry Nights (Oct. 12th), the found footage terror Flesh Blanket (Oct. 19th) and the real life horror story What the Waters Left Behind (Oct 26th). Each film will debut exclusively on Amazon Prime. This release will be followed by others, on: iTunes, Vudu and Tubi TV. One of the more interesting films, J. Zachary Thurman's Furry

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