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You Rang, M'Lord: why do Hungarians love this dodgy old British sitcom?

The Upstairs Downstairs spoof has been forgotten in Britain. But in Hungary, kids still name their pets after the cast. Our writer travels to Budapest for the lavish 30th anniversary celebrations

In the restaurant of an upmarket Budapest hotel, three young sisters are overcome with excitement. They have just spotted their comedy heroes through the window and have crept in, hoping for autographs. Rosie, 13, breaks down in tears as she confides the names of her guinea pigs: Teddy, James and Mr Stokes. “They’re all boys,” she says apologetically, but her rabbit is a girl. “She’s called Ivy.”

At a table gleaming with silver and crystal sit the actual Teddy and James – or rather the actors Michael Knowles and Jeffrey Holland. They’re about to tuck into a five-course meal inspired by the British TV series that has made them two of Hungary’s most famous stars. Ivy (Su Pollard

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