The Purge Episode 5 Review: Rise Up

On The Purge, murder is still murder, even when it's for a good cause.


This review of The Purge contains spoilers.

The Purge Season 1 Episode 5

The New Founding Fathers, at least those high up enough in the organization, have granted themselves immunity from The Purge. I would assume that this doesn't cover the Stanton family, given their relatively small time status in the grand scheme of things, but I wonder. Purge night has a surprising amount of rules for a night that has no rules. What happens to those that break them? If you're an anti-nffa organization, like the roadblock set up in earlier episodes to keep Nffa tourists out of a poor neighborhood or an armed group of revolutionaries like the ones that smash their way into the Stanton compound in the very exciting finale of “Rise Up,” who exactly is going to stop you from doing whatever

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