Halloween: A Legacy Unmasked

David Crow Oct 16, 2018

Jamie Lee Curtis cannot escape the reach of Halloween's Michael Myers or Laurie Strode. And she doesn't want to.

Jamie Lee Curtis knows the importance of Halloween and the boogeyman it unleashed. She can feel their combined shadow when entering a ballroom at San Diego Comic-Con. Arriving slightly behind the other filmmakers she’s partnered with to bring that boogeyman back, her presence causes the cavernous space filled with journalists to go quiet. All eyes are on the woman in a black blazer and horn-rimmed glasses. Next to me, Halloween producer Jason Blum murmurs, to no one in particular, that there is a queen.

“It is my life,” Curtis says once she sits across the table from reporters, reflecting on the significance of her breakout role. “This is the greatest job I will ever have, and I know it. I knew it then, I tried to pretend it wasn’t,

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