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Nyff Review: ‘Searching for Ingmar Bergman’ is an Affectionate Communal Memoir

In the year of the Swedish master’s 100th birthday, Margarethe Von Trotta wraps a belated, posthumous gift with her Searching for Ingmar Bergman, a portrait of the artist as seen and experienced by a handful of acolytes and former collaborators, who conjure up a communal memoir so affectionate and heartfelt that by the time Searching clocks its 99 minutes, the feeling is to be leaving a dinner table where people have gathered to mourn a longtime friend-cum-mentor.

This collaborative dimension is possibly Searching’s strongest asset: while Von Trotta serves as the chief chaperon, opening Searching with a shot of the beach where Bergman filmed the opening sequence of The Seventh Seal to take off for an international, pan-European journey into the director’s life, the trip (and the image of Bergman that billows to life along the way) is very much a communal experience. Having accounted for her own artistic liaison with Bergman,

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