YouTube Millionaires: Donut Media Is About Slick Chassis And Fast Wheels — And Cutting Gatekeeping Out Of The Car Community

Like many other car-focused channels on YouTube, Donut Media’s has no shortage of gorgeous cars. The company, which revealed earlier this year that its channel pulled in a seven-figure revenue in 2016, then doubled those earnings in 2017, regularly uploads videos populated with supercharged racecars, handfuls of sleek Lamborghinis, the raw muscle of vintage hot rods, and much, much more.

But the team behind Donut Media — including co-founder and CEO Matt Levin, a former product head at AwesomenessTV, creative director Jesse Wood, and one of the channel’s hosts as well as its head writer, James Pumphrey — also has a mission many other channels don’t: providing a thorough education about cars, inside and out, for anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy them. And that mission is what’s garnered Donut a dedicated audience, crowning the company a YouTube Millionaire in just two years.

In recent months, Donut Media’s

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