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Movie Review – Glass Jaw (2018)

Glass Jaw, 2018.

Directed by Jeff Celentano.

Starring Lee Kholafai, Korrina Rico, Jamie Camil, Boosie, Brandon Sklenar, Reynaldo Gallegos, Vernon Wells, and Mark Rolston.


A champion boxer goes to prison and loses everything for a crime he didn’t truly commit. Once out, he fights to earn everything back.

Glass Jaw is a boxing movie. It is painfully and unremarkably a boxing movie. It feels as though it was made by someone who has watched more boxing movies than boxing or other movies. That said, it isn’t completely lacking as a movie in its own right. Especially if you really like boxing movies like I do.

We begin by being introduced to Travis Austin as a child. A young, scrappy kid with a deadbeat gambling addict for a father, he is abandoned by his parents at a shelter. Cut to Travis as an adult (Lee Kholafai), where after winning the light-heavyweight championship,

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