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Review: Await Further Instructions, When Your House Becomes a Strange Prison

A British family is confronted with their own worst fears during the holidays. Locked in their own house, they must rise to the occasion or cave in to the pressures of conformity. In Await Further Instructions, the Milgram family has gathered, reluctantly, for the Christmas holiday. After several years away, eldest son Nick (Sam Gittins) has returned with his Middle-Eastern girlfriend Annji (Neerja Naik). Nick's mother Beth (Abigail Cruttenden) is welcoming, but her warmth is countered by the chilly reaction of Nick's father Tony (Grant Masters), a stiff, overbearing man with anger issues who still harbors tremendous ill will toward his son's rejection of his values. Nick's grandfather is even worse, a nasty and smug fellow who makes snide remarks...

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