Mfkz review – frenetic world-building overkill

Adapting his own graphic novel, Guillaume Renard pieces together a dense reimagining of La that’s impressive – until you stop to think about it

The title of this exhaustingly grimy and chaotic collaboration between French and Japanese animators is both a blunt contraction of the Oedipal expletive and a statement of attitudinal intent. No time for anything so wussy as vowels: writer/co-director Guillaume “Run” Renard instead whips his own graphic novel’s highlights into a frenetic postmodern melange that sends pizza delivery boy Angelino scooting through diverse appropriated cultures.

Any film encompassing Nazi-punching lucha libre wrestlers and top-secret moonbases should by rights be huge fun, but even Renard finds himself conceding, “What the F*** is Going On?” in a mid-film graphic. Enjoyment will depend on a tolerance for that randomness teenagers apparently find hilarious.

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