The Newton Brothers Talk Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House From Director Mike Flanagan

John Andrew Grush (Andy) & Taylor Newton Stewart are collectively known as The Newton Brothers. The Newton Brothers are notable composers, producers, conductors, and multi-instrumentalists best known for their scores in the pyshco-horror thriller genre in motion pictures such as: Oculus, Gerald’s Game, The Bye Bye Man, Ouija: Origin of Evil and most recently, Netflix’s Extinction and The Haunting Of Hill House.

Prior to the release of director Mike Flanagan‘s series on October 12, I recently spoke with the composers.

Andy and Taylor have been scoring films together for over 10 years The partnership began in 2007. Both were learning and making music from a young age, educated and inspired by such wide-ranging influences as Puccini operas, John Williams film scores, and albums by Kraftwerk. “I began classical piano lessons when I was five,” says Andy, “and went from recitals to playing guitar to being in a band to becoming a musical director.

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